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AasaanWill provides you with the best in class guidance for your succession planning needs. Choose a plan that suits your needs. Have questions? Reach out to us and we will guide you through the plans.

Get a legally valid Will in 3 simple steps:
Register & fill Will details
Your Will details are collected through banking level secure form.
Legal Vetting
Our expert lawyers prepare your Will. We e-mail your draft Will. You can review & request any changes for Free.
Notarisation & registration
We schedule notarisation or registration appointments in your city to complete the process
Compare plans
Will with Notarisation
Will notarised at the bare minimum to validate the authenticity of the Will incase it ever goes to the court.
₹ 4,999
Services offered:
60 min consultation call
Will Drafting by our expert lawyers
Notarisation included in your city
Will with Registration
The sub-registrar office is considered the highest form of authentication of the Will across the country.
₹ 14,999*
*Excluding Tamil Nadu
Services offered:
60 min legal consultation
Will drafting by our legal team
Free Registration at the Sub-registrar office near you
Premium Wills
You can meet our Will lawyer/experts in person to discuss and understand few aspects for your better understanding.
₹ 19,999*
*Excluding Tamil Nadu
Services offered:
Lawyer visits you to draft your Will
120 mins legal consultation
Free Registration in the sub-registrar in your city
Telephonic Will
AasaanWill offers Will on telephone as one of the options to help you draft your Will.
₹ 7,999
Services offered:
60 min consultation call with lawyer
Provide your information over video call or phone call
Free Notarisation
Wills for NRIs
NRIs and OCIs have assets in India that they want to protect as well as ensure that they are passed on to the correct beneficiaries.
₹ 14,999
Services offered:
120 min consultation call with lawyer
Notarisation support for two years
Attestation of Will in resident country
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Not sure about anything? We are just one phone call away. Book a free 15 minutes consultation.