Why Single Parents Should Write A Will?
30 Aug, 2022 . 3 min read

Why Single Parents Should Write A Will?

Single parents are on a rise in India due to reasons like divorce, separation, death or just the wish to be a parent minus a partner. According to a UN report, 13 million single moms are heading their homes and of course, there will be so many single fathers too. It’s not easy to be a single parent, it brings its own challenges. You work hard and try to make your economic plan stronger just to give your child the lifestyle they deserve - the very best.

You need to keep yourself prepared even for the worst evitable or inevitable events and one of them could be your death too. This is true that we don’t often think of our own death, but it is that reality check we all should bear in mind because you might be the sole breadwinner of your family.  

4 reasons to write a Will by a single parent:

1. Choose a guardian for your minor children

If you’re a single parent this is the biggest fear, you might come across of those who will look after your minor children in your absence. Who will provide them the care and love and would look after their expenses. But your worry has a solution, you can appoint a guardian for your minor children and through your Will give them the authority to look after your children in case you pass away.

2. You can plan who will take care of your dependents

Maybe it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, but it does take care of your living, healthcare and lifestyle. If you’re the sole breadwinner, you should give it a thought. You have the responsibility not only for your children but maybe your parents and other dependents as well. As we never think about our own death, but once we give it a thought, we’ll understand the importance of succession planning and how it proves helpful for our dependents.

3. To make sure your kids receive the right assets

By writing a Will you can make sure that your kids receive the right assets, and no third person can claim your assets. Imagine this, you have not left a Will and your kids are in a dispute with some of your family members after your death. Imagine the mental distress and agony they would have to suffer only because you didn’t take the right step at the right time.

4. You need to be financially there for your dependents even if you’re not there

You need to protect and safeguard your family even after you’re no longer with them. Your hard-earned money and assets should not be wasted and should be of some use to them. If you don’t write a Will, your dependents might not even know about your assets and even if they locate your assets, they will have to do other legal formalities. But if you write a Will, they are also set and secured, and they need not get involved in any additional legal formalities.

What should be your Quick Action?

As a Single Parent the quick action should be to make a guardianship Will and assign the right person. If you write a Will, you have reduced your stress by thinking about what will happen to your loved ones if something happens to you. Writing a Will solves two major problems:

  1. You can safeguard your loved ones financially.
  2. You can appoint a legal guardian for your minor children.

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