What would happen to my assets if I don't make a Will?
16 Mar, 2023 . 1 min read

What would happen to my assets if I don't make a Will?

Writing a Will is a crucial document that ensures that your assets are going into the right hands when you are not around. If someone passes away without leaving a Will, it is known as intestate. In this case, the property is passed on to his family member as per the succession laws that apply to the person. 

If a person is a Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, or Sikh, their asset distribution is governed under the Hindu Succession Act. If a person is Christian then Indian Succession Act will be applicable and if the person is Muslim, then Muslim Law will be applicable. Accordingly the assets will be distributed among the legal heirs in absence of a Will. 

But the whole process of succession in the case of an intestate is not simple. Without a Will, there is a chance that the matter may become a family dispute. Approximately, it cost a minimum of Rs. 75,000 and many years in court cases for the matter to be solved. Additionally, civil matters may take up to 10-15 years to settle in court, leaving a financial burden on your family.

Writing a Will not only ensures that your assets are taken care of but also reduces the burden your family might face to acquire them in case you pass away. While death is unpredictable, you can guarantee your family peace and financial security through a Will.

We at AasaanWill understand the importance of a Will and have made the process very simple. You can complete your Will form in just 20-25 minutes. Then our legal team provides you with your Will draft via email. You can review and let us know if any modifications are needed. Once the Will is finalized you can sign your Will as per the instructions and your Will would become legally valid. The person who writes a Will must sign it in front of two Witnesses. Witnesses also sing the Will. Additionally, we also help in the notarization or registration of your Will.

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