What Is A Living Will?
16 Aug, 2022 . 2 min read

What Is A Living Will?

The right to die with dignity is now a fundamental human right, declared by the Supreme Court of India back in March 2018. It permitted only passive euthanasia which means that a person has a right to decide how he/she wants to go through the medical treatment and the execution of this is achieved through the living Will.

Living Will is a legal document that empowers people to express their desire, in advance, on how they want to spend the last days of their life. It is an advanced directive by an individual stating that they not be put on artificial life support if they slip into an incurable coma in the future.

Generally, a Will comes into existence after the death of the testator i.e. the person who has written the Will. But this is not the case with the living Will. It is activated when the person who has written it is under a treatment and is no longer in a position to communicate his/her wishes due to being in a vegetative state or the patient’s condition has been diagnosed as irreversible.

Why should you make a Living Will?

  1. It ensures that your right to die with dignity is protected.
  2. It saves you from nugatory treatments where your life is only prolonged but not saved really.
  3. It opens the way for a painless exit from the world.
  4. It saves your family from feeling guilty since you had already made a decision for them.
  5. Lastly, it protects your family from having to pay huge hospital bills on treatments. By doing this, you save them from living under financial burden for years to come.

Who can make a Living Will?

  1. The person shall be major of sound mind.
  2. The consent shall be voluntary.
  3. The recovery of your condition shall not be recoverable.

How can AasaanWill help you?

While writing your Will with us you can mention the living Will clause to be added to your wishes or you can make a separate living Will deed. And then inform your family and the executors. This clause gets executed during your condition which can’t be recovered or reversed.

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