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15 April 2022
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What Happens To Your Pet After You Die?

Sep 11, 2023
I am Alok Shinde, a 60 year old man. I have a wife who is currently not in a good medical state, 3 children and a dog. My children are married and live in different cities. After my wife fell critically ill, it got me really worried about my dog, who will take care of him after my death. I also help many homeless and injured animals find a shelter and I want this legacy to be continued even after my death. Can I make my dog a beneficiary in my Will and what other options do I really have?

We all have seen the change from pet owners to being called as pet parents. Since ages, people have considered pets as their family members. From cows to dogs and birds to fishes. We understand your fear of what will happen to your pet after your death. Here is what we have to recommend.

Under the succession laws of India, unfortunately, animals/pets are recognised as property as they are not the humans and hence, you can’t make your pet a beneficiary. But don’t get disappointed, we have 3 solutions for you.

Here Are 3 Things You Can Do!

1. Gifting via a Will 

If you know a person in your family, neighborhood or among your friends who will readily take the responsibility of your pet in case of  your death, then you can give it via a Will by making a clause in that person’s name and giving him the share for your pet from your estate. 

2. Caregiver Services

In many cities, there are NGOs/charity organizations that have started the caregiver services after the death of the pet parent(s) just like how we humans have. You will only be required to complete the formalities on their website and you can make a clause in your Will about it and it will be taken care of.

3. Pet Charities 

Animal charities other than those of cows have really started picking up in India as well but still a lot many people like Mr. Alok Shinde is not aware of it. There are many charitable organizations which raise funds for the well being of animals.

Your pets can be sent to those organizations after your death if the caregiver services are not available in your state. You can also  donate something from your estate to the pet/animal charities so that homeless animals can also be benefitted. For instance, many people donate to gaushalas (cow shelters), dog/cat NGOs, wildlife protection charitable organizations etc. by adding a clause in the Will and the executor of your Will, will do the needful after your death.

How AasaanWill Can Help Pet Parents/Animal Lovers

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  3. We can also suggest other charity organizations that will serve your purpose better.

We at AasaanWill help you to take forward your legacy of helping animals.

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