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20 April 2022
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What happens after you have written a Will?

Sep 11, 2023

Once you are finished writing a Will online with AasaanWill, you need to follow these 2 important steps:

1. Print and Sign the Will

Once you submit the particulars of your assets and other information in the  AasaanWill’s form, you will receive a draft Will document via email with some instructions. Those instructions contains the steps you need to follow after you receive your Will , briefly, they are:

  1. Take a print out of the Will.
  2. Sign the Will in front of the witnesses or acknowledge them about your signature.
  3. Then a minimum of two witnesses needs to sign the Will in front of you (the testator).

Always make sure that you sign at each and every page and so do your witnesses, so that there are less chances of fabrication or forgery of your Will in the future. 

2. Store the Will Safely

You never know when your last Will lose its existence. What we mean here is that due to clashes between beneficiaries, it is possible that the original Will is forged or destroyed and after your death, beneficiaries get stuck in litigation of proving a Will to be original and valid and that it is the testator's last Will and testament.

Store your draft Will digitally also, because if the physical copy of Will is lost in your lifetime, you can get it print and sign it. But digitally stored Will is of no use after your death as Will must written and signed. Digital signatures for Wills is yet not recognised under law. 

Thereby, always keep your Will at a safe and secure place. Some of it can be:

  1. A locker in your room.
  2. Bank locker.
  3. With the executor.
  4. You can also store your Will with AasaanWill at just Rs 1000 per annum.

But do not keep it a secret from the executor. Your executor should know where you have stored the Will, so that he can access your Will after your death.

Write a Will from the comfort of your home at and our legal experts draft your Will at easy and affordable prices. AasaanWill. Zaroori Hai!