The Four-Legged Member of the Family   Part III - How to secure your Pet's Life
3 Jul, 2022 . 2 min read

The Four-Legged Member of the Family Part III - How to secure your Pet's Life

These are the steps you should follow if you want to secure your pets life beyond yours 

Step 1. Choose your Main Pet Beneficiaries and have a conversation.

When deciding on a guardian for your pets, it’s a good idea to choose someone you know and trust and make the guardian understand the responsibilities as well as the needed instructions which are to be followed while taking care of the pet (this is not legally binding hence it is better to find a trusted mate). You probably want to select someone who will love and provide for your pets as you would. This person will become your pet’s new owner and will be responsible for providing food, shelter, vet care, and companionship.

Step 2. Choose a Back-up Pet Beneficiary & have another conversation

After speaking to your main beneficiary, choose an alternative guardian and speak to that person as well. Let them know that you have chosen a primary caregiver for your pet, but that you want them to be willing to fill the role if your primary caregiver is unable. Then have the same discussion with your alternate payee about how to care for your pet in the event of your death.

Step 3. Draft your basic Pet Clause  

Although the law does not allow you to appoint a guardian for your pet, you can still give your pet to a designated person: a guardian for you and your pet. When you write your Will, include a basic clause that describes your pet, names your main beneficiary, and names your alternative beneficiary

Step 4. Secure the financial care of your pet   

As it is your pet, you will be knowing the best products for your pets from daily needs, grooming, medical expenses, and more. Make sure that you have provided the pet beneficiary with enough information and consideration so that they will be able to look after and provide for your pet financially

By completing these steps you can sit back and relax, knowing that you have done your part in securing your pet’s life beyond your lifetime as well. 

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