Long Weekend with Family: 7 Things to do in 2021
30 Jan, 2022 . 3 min read

Long Weekend with Family: 7 Things to do in 2021

Long weekends are the perfect time to enjoy quality time with family. But family fun activities can be challenging in the middle of a pandemic or most of us are overloaded with personal stress.

To help you make the most of your long weekend memorable, we are here to share the best Family Day Long Weekend activity ideas:

1. Video Night

Everyone loves to see when they were younger or kids. Create a Slideshow with soft music using pictures of your family member’s younger days. Play funny clips of your children’s childhood activities and cuddle with a laugh together. Even kids love to see parents weeding taps. 

2. Pick Up A New Craft

Crafting activities fascinate your kids and engage your family with feelings of self-esteem. Crafting needs some crayons, markers, paper, fevicol glue stick and some waste stuff to show the creative side of your loved ones. You can arrange surprise gifts to make the creation more memorable. 

3. Family Baking Time

During the Quarantine period, people enjoyed baking. Pull me up the cake, cookies, cake   decorations are new Indian hobbies. Engage your family member in making different varieties and have the best taste ever with loads of sweetness by heart. 

4. Camping Time

Get a beautiful tent house and spend quality time around the campfire. If you don’t have one, use some dupattas and Chairs to make your own. Use some lights, lamps and play Pop music to add more fun. Play some games and have some gossip sitting in your own pretty house anywhere.  

5. Board Game Night

Board games are always interesting ways to add fun during family days. Scrabble is all-time favorite game for most of us. Cards or Uno can also be a great idea. Black Queen is my favorite game to target my wife always. 

6. Puzzle Mode

Challenging all puzzle lovers! There are hundreds of options available for playing and solving puzzles. Even you can also try the tongue twisters challenge. These all activities are great exercise for you and your family’s brain. While solving puzzles make sure your favorite drinks are there to add flavor to the brain.   

7. Why Family Time Mandatory

The family that plays together stays together is a saying in India. Spending time together, eating together, and making fun of each other strengthen the mutual bond. The more time you spend together with your loved ones you all get the better opportunity of becoming a lovely family No. 1.

Gift: Make Your Wills

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