14 Oct, 2022 . 2 min read


How do people freak out if they see even one particle of dust around them? They are very hygiene conscious. They keep washing their hands frequently, they are always paranoid. It stresses them out if people don't follow basic cleanliness etiquette. The pandemic has worsened the situation, where people who didn't have hygiene OCD, have also started becoming sensitive over it because life is uncertain!! 

Most people are OCD about hygiene in general but completely neglect Financial hygiene. People suffer from stress, anxiety and sometimes even depression with the question in their mind what will happen with their assets and how will the family distribute those assets among themselves, would it lead to any dispute among them?? 

Because this problem is not discussed much, very few people consider this as a real problem and others wait till old age and remain with this anxiety for most of their lives. 

We should start treating financial hygiene on similar lines as health hygiene. If you don’t pay attention and act towards having your financial continuity plan in place, it will lead to ugly disputes ending in lengthy litigation among family members. Death doesn’t come with a warning, therefore the old-age parameter of writing a Will doesn't work today as times have changed and are very uncertain. 

Imagine, how many people would have died due to COVID-19 without writing a Will and now their family members have no idea of most of their assets and even if they have, they are fighting over their part of the share. If you take a step today, you are not only relieving the stress on yourself but also on your family, in the future. This will also teach them a way to make efforts for the transfer of intergenerational wealth and make better use of it.

One of the best solutions to maintain financial hygiene is to write a Will and get the peace of mind you deserve. Don’t be afraid to take a step towards it, better financial planning means a secure future for your loved ones.

AasaanWill is a solution you can use to maintain your personal financial hygiene and get done with the problem. Write your AasaanWill with us. Zaroori Hai! 

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