LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!- The Habit Of Being Alert At Night
6 Aug, 2022 . 2 min read

LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!- The Habit Of Being Alert At Night

My grandfather was an ex-army man. He tended to have very unsound sleep. You know how they say, old habits don’t die easily. A pin’s noise would wake him up and he literally used to come out of the house every time to check if any thief or trespasser had entered the house. He was always alert. 

Why do people develop the habit of being alert?

For obvious reasons, to protect their family and loved ones. But from whom? The trespassers and the thieves. When a thief enters your house, he doesn’t only steal but sometimes the situation gets extended to grievous hurt or murder. My grandfather was also protecting all of us from these anticipated harms only.

What happened next?

One day, he was no more with us. My father and his siblings got into a major dispute over the distribution of his property. That day, he was not there to protect us from this very anticipated harm.

Sometimes I wonder, why didn’t he see this coming? or if he had, why didn’t he do anything about it?

What could he have done?

He could have written a Will. A Will is a legal document in which you distribute all your assets as per your wishes among your beneficiaries and you can also mention your reasons for your wishes.

Write a Will because you need to be there for your family even when you are not there.

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