LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!- How Does Not Writing a Will Become The Biggest Deal-Breaker in Relationships?
17 Oct, 2022 . 2 min read

LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!- How Does Not Writing a Will Become The Biggest Deal-Breaker in Relationships?

Anil and Amit are two brothers. Their father, Mukesh purchased one property in the name of their mother Kavita Devi, this became her self-acquired property. Kavita Devi also had a government job. After she passed away, her property became the ultimate point of discussion. 

She didn’t write a Will stating her wishes and distribution of her assets. Later on, it was decided among the brothers that as Anil will take the government job of her mother, Amit can take the rest of the properties. No legal document was executed for this agreement and it was orally settled. After 2 years, Anil demanded his share in the properties. He took advantage as there was no written agreement. 

And the outcome was nothing else but a civil suit was filed in the court. Well, every parent shows a firm belief and trust in the upbringing of their child but history repeats itself every time.  Money ruins relationships. And it is not your fault but the nature and tendency of a human being to fall for it. But one thing in your hand is to secure the relationship of your children. 

Doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman or belong to any other gender. If you have assets, it means they will be divided, whether you plan for it or not. If you do it, you can foresee better distribution than anyone else and then bring it into action. Writing a Will is the easiest and the most affordable way to do it.

No one can change the fact that for years money has ruled over relationships and court cases are valid proof of that. Since Kavita Devi didn’t write a Will, it became the biggest deal breaker between her two children. Had she taken the correct step during her lifetime, she could have controlled the mishappenings of the future. That’s the power of having a financial continuity plan.

What should be your next step?

Isn’t it true that you want peaceful and undisputed relationships among your children? Then don’t wait till retirement, because life is really uncertain! Do your finances smartly. Write a Will today for a harmonious relationship between your family,  tomorrow.

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