LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!- Covid-19 Orphans Weighed Under Parents' Debts
22 Jun, 2022 . undefined min read

LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!- Covid-19 Orphans Weighed Under Parents' Debts

Covid has been brutal on so many people but the worst effects have been seen with the minor kids who became orphans. Similar is the story of two minor girls from Ghaziabad who lost both their parents in the second wave of Covid. In later weeks both the girls even lost their grandparents. We know what you must be thinking, how hard it would have become for the girls without a close family member but unfortunately, it is more than that.

The parents of these girls had taken a loan of ₹24 lakhs out of which only ₹8 lakh loan was repaid, rest ₹16 lakhs amount is still due.

The girls now live with their paternal aunt but her husband only earns ₹30,000 p.m. and they also have 2 sons and the bank had asked her husband to pay ₹30,000 installments against the loan which is not possible for him. And to be honest nobody takes the financial responsibility of other’s children. May be the girls will survive and live with the bare minimum but unfortunately they have weighed under their parents’ debts.

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How could their parents have prevented this situation?

The parents could have prevented this situation by taking care of their personal finance, through something which is known as asset management. They could have written a Will where;

  1. They could have listed all their assets and have mentioned a source to pay off their liabilities. Through this their children would also have got some share.
  2. They could have appointed guardians (with their consent) for their minor children.

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