LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!- Because You Don’t Want Any Future Disputes Between Your Children
10 Aug, 2022 . 2 min read

LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!- Because You Don’t Want Any Future Disputes Between Your Children

Indians don’t really share information about their finances with their family. In an emergency, they can not even access your finances, without your help. Life is always uncertain, but everyone understood it the most during covid. These two years have prepared us mentally, now we don’t take life for granted. And the most important thing should be to secure the future of your dependents, financially. You should always be prepared and shall take action about it. 

If you don’t take action, all the money that you have been saving for so long goes unclaimed.  People these days are investing so much in stocks, MFs, crypto etc. Surprisingly their families don’t know about it.  According to ET Wealth’s last year's estimation, more than Rs 82,000 crore of investor wealth is lying unclaimed in forgotten and lost investments. If not claimed on time, various accounts become inoperative/ dormant. 

Such situations can be avoided if people keep their families in the loop when they make any financial investment. How can you do so? Here is the simplest answer: By writing a Will, because:

  1. You can list all your assets and associated information in a document.
  2. You can divide and allot the shares among your loved ones to avoid future disputes between them.

This way you can secure your family from a financial crisis in the difficult times i.e. when you will no longer be around them but your smart planning would take care of all the problems.

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