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5 February 2022
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Ideal Age To Write A Will

Sep 11, 2023

While we all think about the Next exam, Fancy Job, Handsome Package, Friends Gathering, and getting married to a great partner. Even we all do planning for things at every age of our life. 

But do you really wonder ever at what age you should write a Will? You have a question running in the mind at which phase of life you should make Will. We are here to address the question of what is the perfect age to write a Will. 

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In India, You can write a Will any time after attaining majority i.e. 18 Years or above. But you never think on this subject unless you become a grandparent or cross 75+ Years. But being honest, age has nothing to do with it. The purpose of Will is not connected with age only. 

The purpose of Will making has multiple aspects. For example, if you are married you can protect your spouse, if you have kids, you can choose Legal Guardian for them and you can ensure proper handling of your assets after your death. Even if you have pets, and you want someone to take care of your pet, of course, you can mention the name of a person in your Will as well. You can make any specific provisions for pets expenses and care facilities. It’s also a good idea to protect your digital assets by making a Will.

But why you should make a Will as soon as you are of legal age, because accidents, injuries, and diseases know no age. Even you can make one will and update it when you actually have more assets, property, and bank balance. But if you die without making a Will, it becomes a problem for your next-of-kin. I have seen my best Friend’s Grandparents dying without making a Will and leaving behind the muddle for the other family members.

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