How to Find Out If Someone Left You Money After They Died
11 Dec, 2022 . 3 min read

How to Find Out If Someone Left You Money After They Died

Did so happen in your family that a loved one died and you’ve no idea if they left something for the family?

It is quite common when heirs are unaware of the inheritance they’ve been left with when a loved one dies. This concern is even stronger when they have poor financial records or never had or updated their Will.

It is crucial to make your Will on time and update its information from time to time. At the same time, informing your family about it, and talking money with them helps a long way. When the money isn’t claimed after your death, it becomes forgotten funds of your estate and can be a huge loss when your family could really use some cash.

So, if you’re here looking for a solution to find out if a loved one has left you money, this blog is just what you need. Read through the blog to learn about ways you can search for unclaimed money from a loved one.

Talk to their attorney

If you’re a spouse, child, or partner of the deceased, it is in your authority to hire a private investigator or talk to the attorney of your loved one. The attorney will be aware of the Will of the deceased and can let you know if you’re named as a beneficiary in the Will.

This process is easier than writing a Letter of Administration. However, this is only feasible if you are a close relative of the deceased.

Go online

One way to avoid going to the courts to find out about any unclaimed inheritances is to go online and look for probate records. Many sites offer you such information in exchange for a fee.

Conduct thorough research and look into a reputable site with all the information. This is a fine solution but open to scams.

Look into your accounts

Even if it’s not concerning any legalities, here are some Words of Wisdom: keep a list of all your accounts along with your Will and other estate documentation.

This not only makes things easier for you in the future but also inform your heirs about where to look at times of the unfortunate. Tell your attorney or a trusted friend/partner about the place you keep all the documents in, perhaps a safety box.

Additionally, make sure to include the checking, brokerage, and savings accounts, and your stocks, bonds, saving bonds, life insurance policies, accidental death policies, pensions, etc., that you want to hand over to your family.

Remember, if your family is unaware of such assets, the court will take all in and keep them and will be free to use them to finance the government if and when needed.

Contact the office of the court’s clerk

Forget about assets, you may even not know if your loved one left a Will at all. Whenever you file a Will, it becomes a public document. This implies that after the testator’s death (owner of the Will), you can contact the clerk’s office and check the Will records.

In certain cases, you may even be sent a mail copy of the Will from the clerk’s office. Of course, you’d have to pay a fee for that!

Tax returns

Almost every year there are billions of unclaimed tax refunds at the tax office. You could use online tools to check if you owe any tax refunds. Make sure that you look for government websites so that you know it’s legit.

A Will is an Answer to All Problems!

The sole purpose of a Will is to plan all your assets according to your wishes after your death. These assets let your loved ones stay assured that their future is secure. So, drafting your Will on time and considering all your assets and beneficiaries, and letting your family know all about it is crucial.

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