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15 October 2021
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How Divorce and Diagnosis Led Me to AasaanWill

Sep 11, 2023

"Will" Has Been A Four-Letter Word Hanging Over Me For The Past Three Years.

I had one when I was married, and all moving parts associated with life after death appeared to be set up. When that marriage ended, I realised each of those moving pieces should be changed as well, and for reasons unknown, I just couldn't find myself mixed up with the headspace of going to complete it.

Truly, who truly needs to consider the reality of our own death? Who needs to consider our kids being raised by anybody other than ourselves, and what that could feel like? It's sincerely overpowering, can feel excruciating to try and engage it as a thought, and is such a ton simpler to keep it on the "goodness yeahhhhh I ought to most likely do that" part of our daily agenda.

And then I got the news of my breast cancer diagnosis.

Those seven Little Words, "You Have Breast Cancer – And It's Aggressive"‍

Discarded a generally lovely dependable grown-up to a "Holy $#*! This is Happening and it would be wise to get real" grown-up. Unexpectedly it became really obvious to me that eventually, this ends.‍

Truly confident – that the end is a very long time from now, yet that record scratching reality that this lovely and valuable life does for sure have an endpoint was a beautiful unmistakable gravity pull in perspective.

Those seven little words put a totally different domain of adulting on my radar, and unexpectedly I got inspired by (and surprisingly excited) about life and medical insurance, present second living and appreciation, and realising my financial house is in order.

It's the Right Thing to Do.‍

I had a life-changing experience when I found AasaanWill. Like the majority of my favourite discoveries, I discovered them on LinkedIn and was quickly attracted to the alternative of finishing my will from the solace of my living room.

After a short time, some examination, one latte, and my #1 pair of track pants later, I felt agreeable that this was genuine and that these AasaanWill people were genuine: an online will stage considering my wellbeing. I took a full breath and disclosed to myself that yes, I was prepared to do this, and I began rounding out the necessary data.

To My Surprise And Delight, 20 Minutes Later My Will – The Dreaded Four Letter Word That Had Been Hanging Over Me – Was Complete.

I could barely handle it. Here I was, still at home, actually having a sense of security and agreeable and without the need to plan an arrangement or stand by in a not well-lit sitting area to converse with another legal advisor, with one more quill in my adulting cap. Furthermore, indeed, those sweatpants were undoubtedly still in the image.

Did it take some profound thought about the subtleties in the process? Indeed; end of life choices – and particularly those including your health and children– are not to be trifled with. Yet, contemplating that in the back of your mind as an "answer at this moment and what the main thing that surfaces is" is generally the best answer; your instinct will consistently assist you with the truth.

I'm so eager to impart this experience and service to you in light of the fact that regardless of whether it feels scary to consider, it's something we as a whole should consider. Furthermore, even with that profound thought included, this process was still totally manageable.

What I found so consoling about the AasaanWill experience was how simple, moderate, and practical it was; it caused me to feel much more engaged, realising that I was doing one more one of those hard things with elegance, breeding more trust in myself, and in carrying on with a capable and intentional life.

In This Life, You Can Be Certain Of Death, Taxes, and Chinese Food.‍

At the point when you shed the fear or the kicking and shouting hesitance to do the things that alarm you, you go to a position of harmony and acknowledgement, and for the most part, the things you thought would be hard weren't too terrible. Require 20 minutes of your stunning life and begin today.

I guarantee you can do this and will feel far and away superior when it's set. AasaanWill. Zaroori Hai!