Diagnosed with Diabetes? Prioritize your life and legacy.
21 Nov, 2022 . 3 min read

Diagnosed with Diabetes? Prioritize your life and legacy.

Before you begin reading this blog like any other, here’s a question: what is more important- money, health, or quality of life? 

Tricky, right?

Most of you won’t be able to answer this question, given all three are integral parts of each other in various ways. That said, for a person with diabetes; their symptoms, glucose level, medical expenses, etc., might seem like the whole story of their life. 

But is that necessary? NO.

The quality of your life is valued more than any lab test or doctor’s prescription. However, you cannot deny the fact that health is wealth. Everything in this world is co-dependent. You can lead a happy life with your family if you keep healthy.

But with technological advancement in the medical field, taking care of your health can burn a hole in your pocket.

In this blog, we will talk about how one should plan to lead a quality life and secure the future of your loved ones, especially if they suffer from diabetes.

Planning your finances and taking the right action at the right time can save you and your family from the trouble you get with that hospital bill after a diabetes diagnosis.

Common financial barriers for diabetes patients

While your mental health as a diabetes patient might be affected, we are here to help you fight financial stress with some great advice. Diabetes, being a chronic condition, managing the problem can cost you out of your budget.

Most common expenses include medications, transportation, tests to check glucose levels, buying healthy food to maintain the sugar level in your blood, and so on.

A financial burden, besides health problems, can lead to difficulty in accessing care and a sound mind. And it is not difficult to imagine the worst-case scenarios here. 

The cost of managing diabetes can impact individuals with the condition

As mentioned above, dealing with the expenses of a diabetes diagnosis can bring you and your family a financial burden.

This burden could result in high emotional distress. Many examples even talk about out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and food insecurity. 

Moreover, diabetic individuals report alarming cost-related non-adherence (CRN) rates. In simple words, patients seem to stop their medication overnight or reduce its frequency to manage the costs.

Patients with cardiovascular diseases, including diabetes, who reduce their medication to cut costs end up in the hospital soon. And your life is put at risk while your family faces all the consequences.

What’s the solution then?

Stress associated with diabetes and the financial burden caused by its management can be stopped by taking proper remedial actions. One such remedy is planning ahead of time. Your life is a challenge, and only you can take the appropriate measures till life permits you. 

Knowing how uncertain life can be, you can’t let your family suffer because of poor planning. That is why planning your assets and portfolio will help your family in times of need, even when you are on your deathbed.

Talk to your family about your health and finances. Keep things transparent and inform them about the wealth you have acquired in your entire life.

But how to do it? Won't it be awkward?

The answer is WILL! 

Writing a Will is one of the most effective ways to secure your family’s future even when you won’t be around to look after them.

Diabetes isn’t something that can be pre-planned for but you can always plan to handle the consequences as and when required. Preparing for the forthcoming consequences implies preparing for your family’s future security and well-being.

Writing a Will can be an effective measure to look into the future in a new light and plan things accordingly. You never know how life will unfold itself tomorrow. Hence, make a stitch in time to save the nine.

To know how to write a will, contact us NOW!

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