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7 Oct 2022
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7 Ways To Celebrate Joy Of Giving Through Your Will

Nov 17, 2022

Every person associates themselves with a cause.Often we support the cause we wish to address during our lifetime and worry about how to continue it beyond our lifetime. But what if we tell you that it is possible.

A Will is a legal document where you can specify wishes not only about the distribution of your assets among your beneficiaries but also donating or contributing some part of your assets to give back or develop the society that you live in. You can always take care of all of this during your lifetime but through Will, you can make sure that your legacy is continued after your death and your executor or administrator will make sure that your last wish is fulfilled. That’s the beauty of a Will and donating through a Will.

But we understand, sometimes we have a cause but we can not decide which means to choose to give back to society even after death and continue the legacy of the joy of giving.


1. Donations to charities

You can make a donation to several organisations:

  1. Charitable organisation that supports your cause
  2. Your community trust
  3. Orphanages, Old age homes etc.

We have written a detailed blog on how you can choose to donate.

2. Organ donation

We believe that it is the one way that anybody can contribute after their death and can save someone else’s life. Many people are not aware of it or are just lazy to prepare for it but let’s take an initiative to build the society of our dreams. Organ donation shall be normalised just like any other donation. We have written a detailed blog on this subject as well to guide you on how to do it.

3. Donate Land

You can donate any land that you have for the development or the establishment of any school, medical dispensary, religious institution, orphanage, old age home, animal shelter etc.Mentioning the details of any such property and charity in your Will helps avoid future disputes over the property because you have expressed your wish in a legal document which is binding on all involved.

4. Construction of facilities/amenities

Many people have a wish to construct rooms in guest houses, put up benches in the park, libraries in schools, plant trees, install water tanks etc. in places which hold an emotional significance to them and in turn help other people for a long time. 

5. Make arrrangements in animal shelters

You can donate to animal shelter organisations for the well-being of animals and make arrangements to feed animals and/or contribute towards the treatment.

6. Sponsor a chils's education

You can sponsor the education of a child or another way is to donate a fixed amount to the schools that are run for underprivileged children.

7. Hosting meals

You can specify in your Will that every year on your birth or death anniversary meals shall be hosted or grains to be donated to those who can not afford them, helping solve hunger issues of the underprivileged.

Why AasaanWill?

AasaanWill promotes the joy of giving. We urge everyone who writes a Will with us to donate at least 1% of their net worth to build the India of our dreams. AasaanWill provides you with different options through which you can do something meaningful for society and guides you to make a secure decision. You can visit our website to know more about donations by writing a Will

AasaanWill. Zaroori Hai!