5 Reasons You Need An Estate Plan Before Travelling Again
25 Jul, 2022 . 3 min read

5 Reasons You Need An Estate Plan Before Travelling Again

Even before you buy the tickets, or before you take off to your desired destination here are some To-Dos. Planning and travelling go hand in hand. While planning for a trip, it's also important to think about what will happen in case of any emergency. 

The Holiday High

The craze of doing something new, to pump up the adrenaline that has been set aside while leading a Professional life. There is a segment of sports termed as Extreme Sports - the name gives it away, it involves sports that are extreme and have an element of risk involved while performing them like Skydiving, White-water rafting, Bungee Jumping, etc. Even though it is done with precautions and under the supervision of experts, even though the risk is minimal still you can be better safe than sorry.

We are here to guide you with safeguard tips to counteract any unexpected travel mishaps. 

A Comprehensive Kids Protection Plan

Before you go away, ensure the well-being and care of your kids by planning out the worst-case scenarios while there is time. You MUST have guardians identified with this plan because if the Will is the only place you name them, your kids could be at risk of being cared for by strangers while the authorities figure out what to do if the uncertainties happen.

Appointment of a ‘Power of Attorney’ 

The POA must be vested in the person who is entrusted by the Testator (You) to make medical decisions in case of an emergency, and protect your personal, financial, and health decisions when the testator is rendered incapable to make such decisions.

Allocation of Assets

The assets that are meant to be distributed amongst beneficiaries- children, spouse, and anyone who you want to, which may include your pets ( discussed in another article ) as well if something happens to you.

Update in the Will 

To update the list of beneficiaries who still are in your good book and remove the ones you might have drifted apart from. Just like Santa keeps a list of naughty kids and doesn't visit them you can just strike the unwanted beneficiaries out leaving your love for only those who deserve it.

Prep for the worst-case scenario

Even though the advancement in civilization has made travel very safe and sound yet there still exists room for error- technical or personal.

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