Published on
11 Feb 2023
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5 Reasons Why You Should Make a Will This Holiday Season

Mar 24, 2023

Holidays are a time to celebrate and when you’re not sitting in front of the screen, typing mails to work. Well, you can be typing, only for leaves.

We’re here to tell you that you can make your holidays as fruitful as working days. We mean we have a plan of a valuable gift for you to present to your loved ones.

What can be a better gift than a secure future? That’s right. And we’re here to help you make plans to present the “gift of future” in the form of a “gift of Will” for your loved one!

So, read on to find out how your holidays can prove to be the best time to do that.

You have the entire family together

Talking about estate planning is still considered taboo in India. But it indeed is an important and necessary topic of conversation. Family gatherings are ideal occasions to strike up such useful conversations.

And when you have the whole family in one place, you can learn everyone’s opinion on a particular subject. As you bake cookies, brew drinks, make candies, go for a drive, you have a loved one nearby to grow a little bit closer to their heart.

And once the festivities have passed on and the kids have gone to bed, it’s the right time to talk about things like future securities and estate planning. Try to make the family realize the importance of building assets and passing it on to the next-gen.

Help your loved ones plan their future and build their assets

Once you’ve started talking about the taboo topic, your relatives will have nothing to do but listen to you as you give them news. Talk about the current statistics about estate planning and the drawbacks of not having a legal Will.

Having a Will or an estate plan will help your loved ones build their assets with a secure future in mind. Additionally, with an estate plan, you can even plan a secure future for your minor kids (by appointing a legal guardian) and children above the age of 18 (by planning for higher education).

So, are you getting the idea of what a gift of Will can bring your loved ones?

Discussing it makes the process less challenging

No one likes to think about the unfortunate before it has happened. But are you sure to take up the consequent responsibilities once you’ve faced the unfortunate?

Though not impossible, it’s going to be a lot more difficult. That’s why the wiser choice is to plan ahead of time. When you gift a Will, you are taking a step ahead and deciding for your loved one’s future.

Once that first step is taken, the process becomes a lot easier for your loved ones to take over. This way, they won’t be feeling alone and will be sure to have you by their side even when you won’t be there.

Plus, you’ll also feel confident about your family understanding the importance of taking end-of-life decisions.

You get to add to your assets

Families get together during festivals and exchange meaningful, sentimental gifts. If there’s any inheritance you receive in the holiday season, you can include it in your estate plan.

Plus, when you have talked to your family about estate planning, the gifts exchanged in the season, large or small, can be included in their respective line of assets. And consequently, they’ll all be subject to inheritance in the estate plan.

Additionally, when you have any cherished possessions, you can pass it on to the next one in the family and add the same in your Will.

The future is never certain!

If one thing that the pandemic has taught us for sure is that the future is uncertain. You never know when a health crisis may drag you down. Therefore, instead of waiting for the crisis to hit, you should prepare your essential estate documents and ease the process for your loved ones.

For your minor kids, you can plan their decision-making guardians and for the elderly, you can take care of their healthcare expenses. Additionally, it’s the right time to talk about succession planning and letting your successors know about your estate plan.

Gifting a Will to your loved ones will not only educate them, but it’ll also give them the peace of mind knowing their future is secure and taken care of. Could there be a better present?