5 Reasons To Appoint a Guardian For Your Little One!
3 Aug, 2022 . 2 min read

5 Reasons To Appoint a Guardian For Your Little One!

The guardianship document is not executed if any one parent is alive but comes into force only when both the parents have passed away. If your child is a minor, then only you can appoint a guardian. But to ensure that your child nourishes in safe hands even after the death of both the parents, that’s the purpose it resolves. 

1. If your child suffers from any disability

Every child is precious to parents. But a child with disabilities needs special care and we all have seen those youtube ads where parents ask for guardianship in case they can no longer be around their child. Guardian is merely a person who will take care of your child after your death. If you have a child with a disability, you should definitely think about appointing a guardian because they have all the right to live a life full of care. 

2. Due to disputes between parents

It is the child who suffers the most in the disputes of his/her parents, be it divorce or some other case. There are many real-life examples where people don’t love their step-child or treat them cruelly. First, a child suffers due to a custody dispute and then in the fear of losing the parent. It is anyway a duty of the parent to secure the well-being of their child in case of their death.

3. If you are a single parent

If you are a single parent and you are managing everything single-handedly, then you should definitely give it a thought because, after you, who will take care of your minor child should bother you the utmost.

4. If parents are suffering from any diseases

If you are suffering from any diseases, you need to take care of yourself as well as your child. In case, when you and your spouse will not be alive to take care of your minor child, then it is the guardian who will come to your rescue and take care of your child.

5. If grandparents are not alive

Grandparents are an important branch that strengthens your child’s well-being.If the grandparents of your child are not there to look after them in your absence, then imagine who will take care of your minor child in case you pass away. 

How can AasaanWill help you?

There are 2 ways to appoint a guardian:

  1.  Will; or
  2. Guardianship document.

If you are not ready to make a Will yet, we understand that, consider appointing a guardian by making your Guardianship document. We have recently launched our Guardianship product where you can directly appoint a guardian to ensure the welfare of your minor child.

Take your first step towards the well-being of your child and appoint a guardian with AasaanGuardian. Zaroori Hai!

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