Our Partnership

Being a company started by BITSians, we are extremely proud to announce our long term partnership with BITSAA International.

AasaanWill is a company that is making succession planning and legacy creation easy for Indians to ensure that Resident Indians & NRIs are able to secure the future of their assets for their family in the best way possible.

Our objective is to help BITSians avoid future family disputes and litigation cases on their hard earned assets.

How you can help BITSAA

Our partnership with BITSAA is about the ethos of the commitment of BITSians to our community.

As part of this partnership, 1/3rd of the revenue generated by BITSians will be donated back to BITSAA.

BITSians also have the opportunity to pledge a % of their net worth to BITSAA as a part of their legacy like so many BITSians have already done.

AasaanWill's objective is to help BITSAA and BITSians build a long lasting legacy.

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AasaanWill’s Privacy Commitment to you

We never use your data without your consent, or sell it to a third party.