How to make a Will?

Our online Will writing service is designed to make writing a Will quick, simple and affordable.
Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about writing a Will and protecting your family’s future.
Everything you need to know before writing a Will?
Have you been putting off completing your Will? Has it been on your daily agenda for quite a long time, even years? You are in good company: more than 57% of Indians don't have a Will and millions have Wills that should be refreshed. In case you're wondering why you need to get a Will, keep reading.
What happens if you don’t write a Will?
If you don’t write a Will, your property is distributed among your legal heirs as per the rules of intestacy of your religion where you lose the control to decide your beneficiary. Here we cover what happens in absence of Will and what it costs to you and your family.
How is the property distributed in absence of a Will?
Rules of intestacy are the set of laws which decides who will inherit your property. In India, every religion has a separate set of rules. Here we’ll cover what does this means and who will inherit what, in accordance with the religion you belong to.
What to put in a Will?
Just writing a Will is not enough, writing an effective legally valid Will is of prime importance. Some of the best Wills are simple but well-made covering most aspects to avoid complications and disputes. To help you through the process, we offer some of the best practices that can be kept in mind while writing a Will.
How to choose who inherits your estate?
One of the most important aspects of writing a Will is to decide who will inherit your asset and how much their share will be. Here, we cover everything for you to reach a decision and divide your property fairly.
How to appoint a legal guardian in your Will?
Estate planning is the most important and biggest part of your life. It’s safe to plan proper Guardianship for the care of your loving family. Here we will guide you on what is guardianship.
What happens to pets when their owner dies?
We all have seen the change from pet owners to being called as pet parents. Since ages, people have considered pets as their family members. We understand your fear of what will happen to your pet after your death. Here is what we have to recommend.
How to make a donation to a charity through Will?
Death is a very sensitive topic in one’s life but if you have made a decision to make a Will you should consider donating a part of your property to charities through your Will because it will cost you nothing after you pass away and this way, you can create a legacy beyond your lifetime. But it gets confusing sometimes while choosing an organization. This blog will help you to reach a decision.
Who is an executor of a Will and how to appoint one?
An Executor is a person who will administer your property according to the wishes you have made in your Will. He is responsible for the execution of your Will after your death, you are trusting him/her to follow your detailed instructions about what will happen with the property you own. Here we also help you to decide, how to appoint an executor?
Who can witness and sign a Will?
Attestation by witnesses is one of the essentials of a valid Will. It is a mandatory step. The persons who you choose as witnesses must be reliable because if the Will is contested in the future, they are the one who will testify that this Will is valid and all the essentials of a Will were fulfilled. Here we cover all the aspects related to witnesses including who can be your witnesses.
What happens after you have written a Will?
Once you are finished writing a Will online with AasaanWill, you need to follow the 2 important steps.
How to update or amend a Will?
Remember, there can be only one Will. Even if you make more than one Will, your last Will is considered as a valid Will. Coming back to the question, whenever you want to update or amend a Will, you have 2 options:
You can write codicil, or
You can write a new Will, revoking the last Will

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