Where there is a Will, there is assurance

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Why should you make a Will?

A Will helps in avoiding any lengthy processes and delays in the distribution of your assets. Having a Will eases the way for nominees/legal heirs to get easier access to the assets of the Testator

Specify who gets your assets
Secures family future
Legal guardian for children finances
Donate to Charities
Donate your organs
Avoid disputes between kids

Advantages of writing Will with AasaanWill

100% Legally Valid
Free Notarization
Multi Language Wills
Phone Support
Free Updates
Fast & Secure
5x Cheaper than Lawyer
Money back Guarantee

Get an AasaanWill in 3 easy steps

Register & fill Asset details
Your Will details are collected through banking level secure form.
Legal Vetting
Our expert lawyers prepare your Will. We e-mail your draft Will. You can review & request any changes for Free.
Simply print the PDF copy of your Will that we will share on your e-mail and sign.
Make a Will

Frequently Asked Questions For Wills

What is a Will?
A Will is a document that contains a legal declaration of distribution of your assets among the beneficiaries after your death. Basically, it states what will happen with your assets after your death. All your assets together are called an estate. It includes both your movable and immovable assets.
Should I make a Will?
Yes, you should write a Will to save time and money for your loved ones. You can decide who gets your property and who does not.
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